Sold By: Lanasia

Lanasia Bikini Set Marbella Sky Blue


In our Marbella bikini set in light blue you shine like heaven! The cute design of our sustainably produced bikini is perfect for a trip into the sun. The top is tied with a bow under the breast and creates a sexy cleavage. The button details on the shoulders add a nice accent. The back of the top is cut symmetrically and thanks to the adjustable sizes, the top can be adjusted as required. Also available in white and butterfly print. Benefit now from our set offer!

Product Details: Collar design, size adjustable, push-up effect.

About Lanasia

Even though it is 2021 and fair fashion arrived amid our society, sustainability within the realms of fashion has to struggle with a lot of stereotypes: Sustainable fashion is too expensive, it is not trendy, and does not feel great on one’s skin. Lanasia, a German swimwear brand, breaks with all these prejudices by making comfortable, fairly-priced, and above all sexy bikinis and bathing suits.