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L-Complex Immune Box


Do you have a weak immune system and you don't feel 100% fit? Do you have a stressful everyday life with little rest? Then our 3-month Immune Box is the right partner for you!

In addition to stress, a weak immune system is usually favored by a nutrient deficit in the body. L-COMPLEX Vitamin C supports your normal immune system for a functional immune system. Zinc protects your cells from oxidative stress and ensures normal acid-base metabolism. Furthermore, about 70% of our immune system is in the gut. Our Active Cultures accordingly promote a normal level of living bacterial cultures in the gastrointestinal tract. Pure & made in Germany.

Recommended daily intake: 1 capsule of Vitamin C Complex per day with a meal. 1 capsule of zinc a day half an hour before the first meal or before bed. 1 capsule of Active Cultures a day half an hour before the first meal or before bed. Suitable for a vegan diet.

This pack includes Zinc; Vitamin C Complex; Active Cultures

Active Cultures: 90 capsules, 28.4g Vitamin C: 90 capsules, 29.7g Zinc: 90 capsules, 28.4g

About L-Complex

L-COMPLEX stands for long-term health through the right combination of nutritional supplements to suit your lifestyle. Founder Laura was born in Hamburg and came up with the idea for L-COMPLEX after a health odyssey in the summer of 2018. The young company knows of the increased stress levels today and the difficulty of eating perfectly, moving sufficiently and resting sufficiently. The consequence is that our body gets out of balance and struggles with various complaints that can threaten our health sustainably.