Kyrö X Pärlans Caramel Sauce


Kyrö kolasås is a delicious caramel sauce made with Kyrö malt rye whisky by pärlans konfektyr. You heard right: caramel sauce and rye whisky in one jar.

Even if you don’t consider yourself the biggest whisky fan, we urge you to try this sweet miracle. And if you do like whisky, well, you probably already clicked "add to basket". Enjoy straight from the jar (300 g) or try in desserts and baked goods. 

Sweetest Swedish Pärlans: Kyrö x Pärlans caramel sauce is made together with Pärlans, a small artisan confectionery founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010. In the beginning, Pärlans' caramel was made in small copper pots, then cut, and carefully wrapped by hand. Because everyone loves buttery caramels the business started booming and nowadays Pärlans has loyal fans around the world - including Isokyrö and Berlin.

Best within 12 months (This batch survives until October 2021).

Ingredients: sugar, cream, glucose syrup, butter, Kyrö rye whisky, bourbon vanilla, and sea salt. The final product contains 1,2% of alcohol.

300 g

About Kyro Distillery Company

A group of friends were having a sauna and drinking rye whisky, when they began to ponder why nobody was making rye whisky in Finland. Surprisingly, the idea of starting their own distillery still seemed like a good one the following morning and from there, the journey of Kyrö began.