Sold By: Kenko



Kenkos aerobic dumbbells feature a minimalist design with maximum functionality. Each features a weighted iron core with a natural American walnut exterior that is both strong, and aesthetically pleasing. With several sizes and weights to choose from, these uniquely modern dumbbells are perfect for a range of exercises for the whole body— especially for biceps, triceps, shoulder, and back.

The entire set includes a couple of 0,5kg, 1,0kg, 1,5kg and 2,0kg dumbbells.

The dumbbells embody aesthetic and strength. Its beautiful appearence and functionality ensure years of everydays use in diverse fields – from home to office.

About Kenko

The design is minimal, elegant and naturally unites with its function. Kenko is reduced completion in form and function and, thus, upgrades every fitness- or living room. In times where everyone celebrates a completed workout by dedicating an Instagram story to it, Kenko is the perfect addition to your social media feed.