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I/TEMS Scented Capsule Candle collection 05 Fig Leaves


05 / FIG LEAVES is a summer love story, telling us about a naive young woman – ingénue – who is walking barefoot by the sea, seeking her heart’s hidden desires. The air is enchanted with the sweet scent of fig trees mixed with the summer breeze. This sensation is preserved in scented candle FIG LEAVES. A blend of perfume and vegetable wax hand poured inside a solid colored ceramic container. Burn time: up to 100 hours

About I/TEMS

To feel comfortable in your own home has never been more important than in the year 2020. This newly-found focus on the combination of interior and wellbeing moved into our homes with DIY decoration projects, banana-bread-baking, bubble baths, and scented candles. While some of these things might be recognized as a trend, we think the overall tendency is here to stay. With more and more time spent at home, our very own four walls have become a refuge, thus, investing in it is the logical next step. With I/TEMS candles, you are not only inviting a cozy light into your place but also a welcoming scent. Turn your home into an oasis with a beautiful selection of I/TEMS candles.