Francis Stories Francis Berry Monogram Scarf


Francis Stories oversize monogram scarf, in a heavy and warm weave.

Off-white & berry coloured oversize scarf in Superfine Wool, featuring Francis Stories monogram. Because of its large size and soft and thick material, this is an ideal piece for very cold days.

Wool is resistant to dirt and dust due to its natural coating, so there is no need to wash wool garments after each wear. Pills occur naturally with friction and can be easily removed with a pilling comb. Hand washing is preferred, using a small amount of gentle detergent in tepid water. Alternatively, use a gentle machine cycle at 30°C or less. Use a low spin or better yet, no spin and squeeze out the water, without wringing. Dry knitted wool garments flat on a towel to prevent them from stretching out of shape. It is best to store knitted wool pieces folded and flat.

100% Superfine Wool Superfine Wool - The softest and finest wool produced, taken from a lamb's first shearing. Made in Portugal / Yarn from Italy

Measures approx. 180 cm x 65 cm / 71" x 25 1/2"

About Francis Stories

Francis Stories is the high-quality, ethical knit-wear brand taking care of your coziness-cravings. With its comfortable and soft materials, the label creates beautiful garments made from alpaca, wool, cashmere, silk, organic cotton, and angora. The outstanding quality of the timeless designs guarantees years of usage while the minimalist and elegant look guarantees that you will want to wear it for years to come.The São Miguel-based company bets on all-natural fibers and sustainable production.