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Taking some exercise in outdoor areas belongs to your every day life? You explore the natural habitat with endurance and you stop at nothing? That sounds exactly as if a FLSK STNLS belongs to your essential equipment. Whether it?s a long mountain climb, an off-road trip in a ATV or a marathon: after exertion and exhaustion the STNLS insulated flask will provide your body unconditionally with refreshing drinks, which can be kept cool for up to 24hrs.
You don't need to go without adventures in winter. After an unforgettable skiing experience you will be glad to take a great mouthful of warm tea out of your STNLS. Thanks to top level production and guaranteed FLSK quality, your tea will stay warm for up to 18hrs. The FLSK bottle stays robust and stable during action and outdoor adventures and puts up with the strain of drops when climbing.

About FLSK

There is a story behind every good product. Like so many of these stories, FLSKs began with a cold beer between friends. In 2013, Quentin gave his later co-founder an unusually cold sip of beer out of an insulated bottle by an African brand. Unusual insofar, that the beer had been in the bottle for the better part of two days and that it was still cold, fresh and highly drinkable.