Sold By: FLSK



FLSKs are available in a lot of great colors - but the MDNGHT is by far the most royal. It radiates self-confidence and strength. There is a reason why many first and business class seats have this particular shade. The puristic design of this medium sized drinking bottle compliments the color perfectly. That's why this FLSK fits ideally into a tasteful decorated home and performs well at elegant sports such as sailing or golf.
Both the stylish appearance and the inner qualities of this FLSK will ennoble your everyday life. The plastic bottle population will peer jealously as you enjoy your drink at the perfect temperature. Breaking and leaking are unknown words for the MDNGHT because it is a proud and robust bottle, nothing able to bend it out of shape. You can count on it. And that is why it feels great to be with your FLSK.

About FLSK

There is a story behind every good product. Like so many of these stories, FLSKs began with a cold beer between friends. In 2013, Quentin gave his later co-founder an unusually cold sip of beer out of an insulated bottle by an African brand. Unusual insofar, that the beer had been in the bottle for the better part of two days and that it was still cold, fresh and highly drinkable.