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FLSK Cleaning Balls

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Easy to use and effective. The FLSKs Cleaning Balls you can clean glass carafes and stainless steel bottles with absolute ease. No more tedious scrubbing or harmful chemicals. All residuals, e.g. tannins or limestone can be eliminated ? without causing rust. FLSK cleaning balls can be used for FLSK bottles, but also for decanters or vases.

Basic Operation: Pour the cleaning balls into your bottle and add hot water. Swivel the bottle for a bit. After that, pour out the water into the sieve, together with the cleaning balls. Let some hot water run over the sieve with the cleaning balls and let them dry before stowing them away.

About FLSK

There is a story behind every good product. Like so many of these stories, FLSKs began with a cold beer between friends. In 2013, Quentin gave his later co-founder an unusually cold sip of beer out of an insulated bottle by an African brand. Unusual insofar, that the beer had been in the bottle for the better part of two days and that it was still cold, fresh and highly drinkable.