Sold By: Flabelus

Flabelus Julieta, Timeless Slippers 100% Sustainable


Flabelus are the new relevant slippers, made in Spain with love by our local artisans they stand for the needs of modern men and women who do not only seek to find fashionable shoewear but also comfortable shoes for their every day busy lifestyle.

- External shoe is made of 100% aged linen, organic velvet or natural canvas
- Sole is recycled bicycle tyres
- Inner shoe is 100% recycled cotton

About Flabelus

Besides loungewear and sweatpants, the fashion piece of 2020 was our comfy house shoes. We do not know about you, but within the last year, we gave each piece a little upgrade to look representable for countless Zoom calls, even when working from the comfort of our couches. So no wonder, also our house shoe game leveled up. We took the beautiful Flabelus slippers and turned them into the perfect match to our home office look. What is a trendy summer shoe, is the perfect addition to our quarantine style.