Evolve Skateboards GTR Street Conversion Kit


In mere minutes, swap and experience the F1 inspired, razor-sharp carving with the Evolve GTR in the Street Setup! The 97mm black Street wheels paired with Evolve's newest Super Carve truck create a low profile, unrivaled street skate feels - corners will turn into apexes, open stretches into runways, and wide open paths will make your list of favorite powder runs!

About Evolve Skateboards

You are a skater-girl or -boy? But you have outgrown the skatepark, your ollies, kick- and heel-flips? Now you are painting the streets red when skating to work or to your next date with friends? Evolve is the ideal means of transportation for an old or young skater soul. The Australian skate brand brings you from your home to the next Kietz within only a few minutes.