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ES-WANG Shoulder Bag Gold Bag


Design wants to say: Girls are very hard to resist gold, gold represents energy, self-confidence, and dazzling. I believe this bag brings you more than just confidence.

Product Information:
- Shoulder bag made of gold kraft paper
- Designer: FreeStudio
- Tear-resistant, washable, very light, recyclable

Product Features:
- Shoulder bag GOLD BAG

- Kraft paper
- Gold bag chain + gold round handle
- Lining Material: Polyester

- Bag 26cm*24.5cm*9cm
- Strap 125cm

Care Instructions: Our paperback is waterproof and can be washed by hand or in the machine at 30°C without hesitation. Avoid sharp objects, If you want to extend the life of the bag avoid strong corrosive objects, and avoid sources of ignition.

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ES-WANG is a designer brand. Our brand concept is to offer high quality, eco-friendly designer products at reasonable prices. We have awakened the inner fashion queen in every woman. We make fashion feel good, we live and are true to ourselves. At the same time, environmental protection and fashion can really coexist. We know we're not the only ones who care about fashion and the environment. Fashion is a term that is difficult to define. That's why we believe fashion is trans-racial and trans-cultural. Fashion has always been understood as a synonym for luxury, high quality and beauty. What about environmental protection? We are sure that environmental protection and fashion can coexist. We work hard together and love when fashion enthusiasts join us with the same ideas.