Sold By: Dr. Jaglas

Dr. Jaglas Golfers Ginseng-Elixier Miniatur


Berlin herbal bitter which you drink pure or on the rocks as an aperitif or digestif. You can also drink it with tonic water or Ginger Ale. Without artificial colors, preservatives, or caramal color. Developed and produced by hand from the pharmacy family Jagla in their pharmacy.

Full-bodied bouquet and balanced body based on the ginseng root. Complemented by exquisite bitter herbs, barks and roots such as ginger · gentian · cinchoa bark · cardamom · zedoary root · cloves · bitter orange peel · centaury · cinnamon bark · galangal rhizome · camphor · lavender · angelica root and saffron.

Drink responsibly. Store upright. Do not drink when you are pregnant or under 18 years old.

Over 30 regional bitter herbs, roots and berries. Without artificial colors, preservatives or caramel color. Berlin brand and hand made.


About Dr. Jaglas

Dr. Jaglas is the family enterprise founded by studied pharmacist Dr. Christina Jaglas, who turned her pharmacist-family’s old recipes for herbal bitters into a modern digestif brand. While the apothecary style comes handy for the new and hip look of the flasks, the medical recipes build the foundation of the brand. They come with a built-in promise of high quality in purity and concentration of the hand-macerated herbs.