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Dalgado Miguel - Handmade Leather Belt Blue


Timelessly designed in a medium width of 3.5cm/1.4in, this elegant men's belt can easily be dressed up or down and will become your go-to choice regardless of the occasion. The belt is ethically and sustainably handmade in Germany of lush full-grain top leather which is also used by some of the most exclusive luxury brands. In combination with vegetable lining leather, the belt attains a great level of durability and flexibility guaranteeing a long lifespan. Not making any compromises on quality, the belt is complemented with a sleek solid brass buckle.

About The Leather: The semi-aniline mineral-tanned top leather is sourced from one of the most renown tanneries in Spain which has been creating some of the most beautiful leathers since 1889. You will be able to feel the distinctive quality of this incredibly soft premium leather. The lining is a vegetable-tanned full-grain leather from the Netherlands. Due to its natural tanning process, the leather is particularly strong and durable. Learn more about our leathers and tanneries.

Since inexperienced treatment of leather can have irreparable consequences, we always advise to seek professional assistance. So, be careful when cleaning any leather product at home, as household cleaners and sprays can potentially stain the leather. Whenever you apply a cleaning product, be sure to first test it on a concealed area of the item and let it dry before applying it over the entire area. Apart from specific leather cleaners, any kind of cleaning supply is chemical and can be damaging to the leather which is why we recommend spot cleaning. Avoid storing any Dalgado item in areas of long periods of sun exposure or humidity. Leather is a natural product and can change its colour under these circumstances. To increase the longevity and maintain the shape of the belt, we recommend hanging it instead of rolling it.

Width: 3,5cm/1.4in Handmade in Germany Solid brass buckle from Italy Front: Full-grain calf leather from Spain Back: Vegetable-tanned lining leather from the Netherlands Additional adjustable belt loop Blind Logo embossing lining Processing: Raised

In order to determine your hip size, thread a flexible tape measure through the belt loops of your pants and mark the spot where the tape reaches around your hips exactly one time. Then, identify which range your hip size falls into and the chart will tell you your ideal belt size. You have the option to push the thorn through 5 holes. Ideally, the thorn is pushed through the middle hole to ensure that the belt is neither too long nor too short. Additionally, you can affix the belt wherever needed with the adjustable extra belt loop. Usually belt sizes are measured from the inner end of the buckle to the middle hole. You can determine the belt length by adding 15cm/6in to the belt size.

About Dalgado

Dalgado is the German brand cutting on exorbitant prices while producing beautiful leather accessories with a high quality. The products are hand made with German, Portuguese and Italian craftsmanship in order to guarantee longevity. Completely produced in the European Union, Dalgado guarantees great working conditions for their employees and production workers, as well as an ethical and environmental friendly production.