Sold By: Dalgado

Dalgado Handbraided Leather Belt Blue - Gianfranco


From the raw materials to the final product, every single production step takes place in Italy. Using the environmentally-friendly vegetable tanning method, the soft leather retains its natural grain pattern and will develop a beautiful rich patina with use and time. It takes the long experience of revered artisans to create the hand-braided strap which gives the belt its timeless elegance. The strap is intentionally left unlined to show the distinctive characteristics of this natural leather.

To clean the leather, use a leather cleaning lotion and apply it evenly with a soft cloth. Then nourish the leather by applying a thin layer of leather cream on the cleaned leather with a soft cloth and let it dry.

Width | 3cm /1.2in Origin | Hand-braided in Italy Upper | Vegetable full-grain leather from Italy Tips | Vegetable full-grain leather from Italy Buckle | Solid brass from Italy Packaging | Black dust bag in 100% recyclable box

In order to determine your hip size, thread a flexible tape measure through the belt loops of your pants and mark the spot where the tape reaches around your hips exactly one time. Then, identify which range your hip size falls into and the chart will tell you your ideal belt size.

About Dalgado

Dalgado is the German brand cutting on exorbitant prices while producing beautiful leather accessories with a high quality. The products are hand made with German, Portuguese and Italian craftsmanship in order to guarantee longevity. Completely produced in the European Union, Dalgado guarantees great working conditions for their employees and production workers, as well as an ethical and environmental friendly production.