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Dalgado Chiara - Handmade Leather Belt Red


With its lush red and precious gold, this belt will become the next statement accessory in your wardrobe. If you are going for a bold look, you can also combine this belt with red shoes, gloves, and lip stick. Moreover, the belt harmonizes beautifully with red purses held in the matching Saffiano or Palmellato optic. Designed in the coveted Palmellato pattern, the red Italian leather gives the belt an exciting look and a special texture. Due to the double-sided workmanship of the Palmellato leather, the belt achieves a great level of durability and stain resistance. The eye-catching appearance of the belt is further accentuated by the feminine golden buckle made of solid brass.

The 25mm/1in wide women's belt is Handmade in Germany, slightly raised, and has a modern Point-Finish. The 5 holes, which are 25mm/1in apart, support the usage of the belt for trousers with different waist levels or material thicknesses. Additionally, the belt comes with an extra buckle loop which can be adjusted as needed. Please note, that the belt will adjust to your hip shape and that the embossing might wear off over time.

Due to its protective surface layer, Palmellato leather is highly stain and water resistant. In case of lighter stains or dust, use a soft cloth which is slightly damp to remove the dirt. If you should experience difficulties cleaning the dirt in the groves of the grain pattern, use a slightly damp soft brush instead. Be careful not to press down on the leather too much, as it might harm the slight sheen of the leather and the grain pattern. Allow the leather to dry naturally, ideally, in an area of dry air flow. Also, make sure to store the belt in an area away from direct sunlight, radiators and excessive changes of heat. If you are faced with heavier stains, we recommend seeking services of a professional leather cleaning expert. It’ll be worth it.

Width: 2,5cm/1in Handmade in Germany Additional adjustable belt loop Exquisite red Palmellato leather from Italy Golden embossing of size on backside Processing: Raised

In order to determine your hip size, thread a flexible tape measure through the belt loops of your pants and mark the spot where the tape reaches around your hips exactly one time. Then, identify which range your hip size falls into and the chart will tell you your ideal belt size. You have the option to push the thorn through 5 holes. Ideally, the thorn is pushed through the middle hole to ensure that the belt is neither too long nor too short. Additionally, you can affix the belt wherever needed with the adjustable extra belt loop. Usually belt sizes are measured from the inner end of the buckle to the middle hole. You can determine the belt length by adding 15cm/6in to the belt size.

About Dalgado

Dalgado is the German brand cutting on exorbitant prices while producing beautiful leather accessories with a high quality. The products are hand made with German, Portuguese and Italian craftsmanship in order to guarantee longevity. Completely produced in the European Union, Dalgado guarantees great working conditions for their employees and production workers, as well as an ethical and environmental friendly production.