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Dalgado Cashmere-lined Peccary Gloves Grey - Salvatore

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These luxurious gloves are something of a rarity in the accessories world: genuinely artisanal and made from full-grain Peccary leather, one of the rarest and most distinctive textiles which can only be stitched by master glove makers. Handcrafted by artisans in a fourth-generation family business in Italy, the gloves are a stylish tribute to the skilled hands that made them, and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. The smoothness of the leather is set off by a soft cashmere lining. The gloves will keep your hands warm during even the coldest winter days.

Fine leather gloves have been an important status symbol for many centuries and are perceived as one of the tradition-richest accessories in menswear making it not only the perfect companion for elegant occasions but also for the stylistically confident gentleman.

Alongside the ever-increasing mechanization, the challenging job of a professional glove maker becomes more and more rare. The quality and wearing comfort associated with a pair of handmade gloves, however, are inimitable. Hence, each of our gloves is crafted by master glove artisans in a fourth-generation family business in Naples, Italy, according to the long-standing French Method. Stitch by Stitch, the glove made of aniline Peccary leather turns into a gem of Italian handicraft. Real Peccary leather is the most luxurious and rarest gloving leather in the world. It takes the skills of a real master glove cutter to work the leather. Additionally, Peccary leather can only be handstitched. On the back of the hand, the glove has three classical decorative stitching lines which diverge in a waving pattern. Additionally, the glove has a small opening on the back for enhanced wearing comfort. The lining is made of incredibly fine cashmere which will keep your hands warm even during the coldest winter.

About the Leather: The requirements which leathers need to meet in order to be suitable for gloves are extremely stringent. The leather needs to be thin and warm but also very durable at the same time. Therefore, only very special leathers can be used for gloves. Peccary leather is a unique and incredibly rare leather which combines marshmallow-like soft feel with elasticity and durability. The distinctive grain pattern and optic of the leather gives the glove a look which stands for luxurious elegance and timeless class. The eventual irregularities of the grain pattern give evidence to the authenticity of the leather.

Gently pull your leather gloves over your hand by switching between pulling the back and the palm of the glove down towards your wrist. Don’t push down between the fingers. When you want to take off your gloves, first pull each finger individually and then all fingers at once. We recommend not wearing your gloves on consecutive days, so they can dry completely. Especially cashmere lining can wear off quickly if it does not dry completely between wearings. Make sure to store your gloves on a flat surface, ideally keeping light and dark colours separated, and away from any heat source, such as the sun or a heater.

Origin | Handsewn in Italy Upper | Full-grain Peccary leather Lining | 100% Cashmere Front | Classical decorative stitching Back | Small opening for enhanced wearing comfort

Measure your bigger hand, usually your writing hand, at its widest point excluding the thumb. All the other measurements of your hand will fall in proportion. Our sizing chart will then indicate your perfect size. In case your measurement should fall between two sizes, we recommend rounding off to the nearest half or full size. Gloves should fit tightly in the beginning, as they stretch out and adjust to your hand size over time. When you put on your gloves for the first time, slightly bend your fingers backwards. If a slight crease occurs by your knuckles, you’ll know that you have the right glove size.

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