Clean Beauty Make-Up Artist Darling Ritual


The make-up artist darling ritual is a combination of traditional Gua Sha, connective tissue manipulation and lymphatic drainage massage. It makes the skin look modeled, lively and radiant and works wonders as an immediate relief for swelling. Wrinkles and lines are smoothed and the skin is plumped.

In addition, the skin's own elastin and collagen production is stimulated, which makes the skin smoother and plumper. The skin cells are optimally supplied with oxygen and nutrients. The traditional pressing and brushing technique relieves tension (botox effect) and supports the skin's detoxification process. The active ingredients of the care products are better absorbed by the skin and can thus have an even more intense effect.

The silk cloth face masks made of real silk ensure a wonderful glow, provide the skin with intensive moisture and make it particularly soft.

The make-up artist darling ritual is one of the most effective natural beauty rituals currently available.

Lifting effect, defined facial contours, relieving tension, natural botox effect, decongestant effect, glow booster.

Super Glowy Essence 100 ml + Beautifying Oil 30 ml + Silk sheet masks 20 pieces + No Tox Facial Bian Gua Sha.

The make-up artist darling ritual is a combination of 3 care products and an intensive massage of the facial skin and the underlying muscles. The result is a radiant complexion, firm, smooth skin, a defined facial contour and a decongestant effect. You can see an immediate effect right after the first application. The ritual is used, particularly appreciated and recommended by leading make-up artists.
- Visibly changes and improves the complexion
- Leaves a beautiful glow on the skin
- Tired skin becomes rosy, fresh and intensely moisturized
- Particularly effective for dryness and expression lines
- Has a decongestant effect
- Relaxes the muscles of the face, neck and body
- Detox lymphatic drainage

Step 1: Spray the Super Glowy Essence, a serum essence, onto cleansed skin.

Step 2: Spray the silk scarf face mask generously with the Super Glowy Essence until the mask tab has soaked up with the essence. Carefully unfold the mask, place it on your face and press down gently. Leave the sheet mask on for three minutes. Do not allow the mask to dry on the skin.

Step 3: After three minutes, remove the mask while still slightly damp and massage in the rest of the Super Glowy Essence together with a few drops of Beautifying Oil to lock the moisture deep into the skin.

Step 4: The last step is the No-tox Facial Gua Sha made from Bian stone. The shape of the stone was specially developed and patented by us. One side of the stone is worked in the shape of a U to give contour to areas of the face such as the chin and cheeks, plus a serrated edge that is used to promote blood circulation and tighten the skin, a tip for acupressure points and tense areas.
It is best to work your way forward with gentle pressure from the chin over the cheeks to the forehead, always from the inside out towards the hairline - with slow stroking movements - 5 - 10 times per stroke. Make sure you always lay the Gua Sha flat on the skin (15 - 45 degree angle). Always focus on one half of your face first, then switch sides and start over.

Important: The No-Tox Facial Bian Gua Sha must not be used on dry skin, but should always be used in conjunction with the Beautifying Oil and the Super Glowy Essence, as it can glide over the skin optimally and the effect of the products still remains reinforced.

Suitable for:
- Intensive moisture
- A firm and vital complexion
- Reduces swelling
- Makes the skin shine
- Reduces wrinkles and lines
- Relaxes expression lines
- Effective when the firmness of the skin and connective tissue is diminishing
- Defines a blurry jawline
- Reduces "turkey wrinkles" on the neck
- Detoxifies the skin
- Relaxes the whole body

Ingredients: All ingredients are vegan, from controlled organic cultivation and not tested on animals. Guaranteed without: parabens, phthalates, artificial emulsifiers, PEGs, silicones, microplastics, synthetic fragrances, colors, preservatives and flavorings. Without alcohol.

Super Head Essence: A highly effective serum essence made from chamomile, St. John's wort flowers, mallow and sage cares for and soothes even sensitive skin. Does not contain alcohol.

Beautifying Oil: The organic rosehip seed oil from cold pressing is quickly absorbed and is also well tolerated by oily skin types. It nourishes, regenerates and smooths the skin and gives it a beautiful radiance. The oil, which is rich in vitamin A, supports the skin's natural repair functions and reduces skin damage, wrinkles, pigment spots and acne.

No-tox Facial Gua Sha aus Bian Stein: The special thing about the Bian stone is its remarkable therapeutic effect. It contains over 40 minerals and trace elements. If you slide it over the skin, the stone releases negative ions, which have an anti-aging effect on cells. With increasing age, the elasticity of the skin and the muscles beneath it diminishes and facial features sag. The application with the Bian stone activates the deep muscles, relieves tension and thus ensures a tightening. Used correctly, this face tuning tool promotes the drainage of toxins and blood circulation. The skin becomes plumper and smoother and the face is modeled. At the same time, dark circles and puffiness are reduced and tension is released.

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About Clean Beauty Concept

Clean Beauty Concept ist eine Luxury Clean Beauty Brand aus Wien, die es sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, die Art und Weise, wie man seine Haut pflegt, zu verändern. Es ist ein 100 % reines No-Tox Hautpflege-Programm, das eine hochwirksame Alternative zu Botox und Lifting bietet, jedoch ganz ohne Gift. Für alle, die Wert auf natürliche und biologische Inhaltsstoffe legen. Das Ergebnis ist ein wunderschöner Glow, frische Ausstrahlung, straffe Gesichts-Konturen und dieser sofort sichtbare Lifting-Effekt in nur 3 Minuten. SCHÖNHEITRITUAL STATT BEAUTYROUTINE. Inspiriert von einer jahrtausenden alten Methode aus der TCM, dem Gua Sha Ritual, ehrt Clean Beauty Concept altes Wissen und verbindet es mit modernen Aspekten. Alle unsere Rituale sind eine Kombination aus traditionellem Gua Sha, Bindegewebsmanipulation und Lymphdrainage-Massage. Es lässt die Haut modelliert, lebendig und strahlend aussehen und wirkt Wunder als Soforthilfe bei Schwellungen. Die speziell von uns entwickelten Massagetechniken lösen Verspannungen und unterstützen den Entgiftungsprozess der Haut. DIE DIY @HOME BEAUTY RITUALE FÜR EINEN INSIDE-OUT-GLOW. Ob als morgendliches Ritual, um Schwellungen zu reduzieren, Linien und Falten zu glätten, die Gesichtskontur oder Augenpartie zu straffen und Frische ins Gesicht zu zaubern, oder als abendlicher Ausklang, um den Stress des Tages aus dem Gesicht zu streichen, diese achtsame Schönheitspraxis ist meditativ und entspannend zugleich.