Clean Beauty Eye Lift Ritual


The Eye-Lift Spoon is an effective massage tool for activating lymph circulation and reducing swelling. It rejuvenates the entire eye area. With gentle stroking movements, he stimulates accumulations of fluid to drain away. It is the ideal tool for the sensitive skin around the eyes and enables a very gentle but effective treatment.

The flat part of the spoon is great for swelling - the side of the spoon for lifting the eyebrow, against sagging skin and wrinkles around the eyes. The ball at the other end is perfect for activating the acupuncture points and for relieving tension above the eyebrows and on the forehead (expression lines).

The Eye Lift Spoon is used in combination with the Beautifying Oil. The organic rosehip seed oil stimulates collagen production and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It nourishes the sensitive eye area with essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E and thus ensures a youthful glow. Provides long-lasting moisture.

The Eye Lift Ritual was developed to visibly reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes, tighten drooping eyelids, lift the eyebrows and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
- Lifting effect - raises the eyebrows
- Reduces puffiness and dark circles
- Tightens drooping eyelids
- Reduces wrinkles

Step1: Apply the Beautifying Oil to the lower eyelid and eyebrow arches. Not on the upper eyelids. 

Step 2: Start by opening the lymphatic system just above the collarbone by moving your fingertips in a circular motion on the point. Open both points at the same time.

Step 3+4+5: Use the ball at the bottom of the spoon. Press it below the eye, first inside the corner of the eye, then directly below the center of the eye and on the edge of the lower eyelid for 10-15 seconds with gentle pressure.

Step 6: Using the edge of the Gua Sha head, scrape the side of the nose up to the eyebrow 10-15 times with medium pressure.

Step 7: Place the Gua Sha head flat on the skin and stroke below the eye from the inner corner of the eye towards the temple. Then stroke from the inner eye over the eyelid in the direction of the outer edge of the eye to the temple. 10-15 times each time with very light pressure.

Step 8: For crow's feet: gently stretch the area with your index finger and middle finger. With the other hand, stroke the edge of the Gua Sha head in zigzag motions over the crow's feet. Repeat this 10 times over each line, applying light pressure.

Step 9+10+11: Start at the center of the forehead and divide it into three sections. Now scrape the Gua Sha head flat from the eyebrow / point in a straight line to the hairline with medium pressure 10-15 times. The same goes for steps 10 and 11.

Step 12: Finish this side of the face by stroking the Gua Sha head from the center of the hairline down to the temple. Continue moving along the ear and neck to open the lymph channels and encourage the lymphatic fluid to drain. 3-5 times with light pressure to the point above the collarbone.

All steps are done on the same side of the face. Then repeat all the steps on the second page.

Suitable for: 
- Instantly reduces swelling
- Visible tightening and smoothing of the eye area
- Lifts the upper eyelids
- Refreshes tired eyes
- Makes bags under the eyes disappear
- Softens dark circles


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About Clean Beauty Concept

Clean Beauty Concept ist eine Luxury Clean Beauty Brand aus Wien, die es sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, die Art und Weise, wie man seine Haut pflegt, zu verändern. Es ist ein 100 % reines No-Tox Hautpflege-Programm, das eine hochwirksame Alternative zu Botox und Lifting bietet, jedoch ganz ohne Gift. Für alle, die Wert auf natürliche und biologische Inhaltsstoffe legen. Das Ergebnis ist ein wunderschöner Glow, frische Ausstrahlung, straffe Gesichts-Konturen und dieser sofort sichtbare Lifting-Effekt in nur 3 Minuten. SCHÖNHEITRITUAL STATT BEAUTYROUTINE. Inspiriert von einer jahrtausenden alten Methode aus der TCM, dem Gua Sha Ritual, ehrt Clean Beauty Concept altes Wissen und verbindet es mit modernen Aspekten. Alle unsere Rituale sind eine Kombination aus traditionellem Gua Sha, Bindegewebsmanipulation und Lymphdrainage-Massage. Es lässt die Haut modelliert, lebendig und strahlend aussehen und wirkt Wunder als Soforthilfe bei Schwellungen. Die speziell von uns entwickelten Massagetechniken lösen Verspannungen und unterstützen den Entgiftungsprozess der Haut. DIE DIY @HOME BEAUTY RITUALE FÜR EINEN INSIDE-OUT-GLOW. Ob als morgendliches Ritual, um Schwellungen zu reduzieren, Linien und Falten zu glätten, die Gesichtskontur oder Augenpartie zu straffen und Frische ins Gesicht zu zaubern, oder als abendlicher Ausklang, um den Stress des Tages aus dem Gesicht zu streichen, diese achtsame Schönheitspraxis ist meditativ und entspannend zugleich.