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Braineffect Kickbar Riegel


Your power in one bar:
• Fiber-rich energy bars with nuts and berries
• Supports your energy metabolism and your mental performance
• Fights against fatigue with vitamin B5 and B12
• Perfect if you’re on the go
• Available as single bar 

1.000 deadlines and you are determined to keep every single one. Your next workout is just around the corner and you want your personal best to fall. Get that energy kick and hit the ground running. KICKBAR is the secret weapon for your performance. Not a chance for fatigue thanks to vitamin B5 and B12. Nuts and berries satisfy your hunger. With no added sugar. You`re present. You`re ready. And you`ll rock it all. Let’s kick it.

Crunchy nuts, fruity cranberries and our invisable power ingredients make KICKBAR the secret weapon for your performance. About 31 % fewer carbohydrates than traditional fruit and nut bars and fiber from chicory roots ensure that your blood sugar level doesn`t shoot up as it does when consuming conventional sugary sweets. Full power. Fully present. It`s time to kick it. But longer!

About Braineffect

Braineffect tackles the issue of a focused mind where our oftentimes sugar-based diet is not able to get through. The result of this diet is, not only, a decreased concentration and cognitive performance, but leads to mood-swings, a worsened sleep and a quicker aging process. Braineffect creates nutritional supplements that complement our lifestyle with essential nutrients and combines them with knowledge about your mind, body and health.