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Arkitaip The Arkitaip X Essentials for Zula Zero-Waste Bodice


This zero-waste bodice with puffed sleeves is crafted entirely from fabric off-cuts that would have otherwise been disposed of. Its puffed sleeves are made of Belgian, MASTERS OF LINEN®-certified linen and the body itself is crafted from a stretchy cotton-modal-blend that feels like a second skin.

Product Details:
- Sleeves: 100% Belgian, MASTERS OF LINEN®-certified linen.
- Body: 95% modal and cotton, 5% spandex.
- Features a biodegradable shell button-fastening on the cuffs and on the neck.
- Snap closure to easily open and close the crotch.
- Responsibly crafted in Portugal.

How to Style Fit: Wear this versatile bodysuit with puffed sleeves to any occasion: style it with high-waisted trousers and a blazer for a meeting, wear it with a mini skirt for a night out or pair it with your favourite leggings for your next pilates class.

Wash with Love:
- Treat your linen piece with care and wash it preferably by hand.
- When machine-washing it, wash it at max. 30° and on a gentle wash cycle (400-600 RPM) to protect the garment's fibers.
- Use a mild and preferably organic detergent to best preserve the piece's colour and fit.
- Lay it flat to dry - tumble drying is bad for the environment anyways ...

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About arkitaip

Founded in 2018 by mother-daughter duo Michi and Lea Wieser, arkitaip was born from the idea to create a wardrobe that is made to last. Cultivated on the principles of laissez-faire elegance, respect for our planet, and functionality, their pieces are designed for those who confidently embrace their uniqueness. Crafted in Europe and cut from 100% MASTERS OF LINEN®-certified linen, arkitaip's pieces are made with the intention in mind to be passed on from generation to generation. With a strong focus on an ethical supply chain and the preservation of artisanal skills (Michi hand-makes their crochet range), the duo wants to foster the relationship between garment and wearer, opening up the dialogue about a more conscious consumption behaviour. Their mission is to inspire those wearing arkitaip to live and breathe a more conscious life.