Anthea Organics Organic Greek Mountain Loose Leaf Tea


Greek mountain tea is a really light and refreshing tea, that is incredibly soft and easy for consumption any time of the day. Its flavour is really delicate, with floral notes and an underlying, subtle sweetness. Making Greek mountain tea a part of your daily routine, benefits you greatly, as it is internationally known for its anxiolytic and antidepressant abilities, its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities, as well as for its action against Alzheimer disease.
Our Organic Mountain tea has been awarded with 1 star from Great Taste Awards 2020 in London.

Weight (g): 0,20 gr.

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ANTHEA is one of the adjectives that was used to describe the ancient Goddess Hera. It derives from the word flower, which is the most beautiful, the most impressive and the most fragrant part of the plant. Our endless quest for high quality products from all over Greece, the meticulous selection of the producers we work with, the training and the know-how, but mainly the desire and the passion to create something truly remarkable, led Anthea Organics to its present position, with a strong presence in Greece but also in foreign markets. Welcome to the herbal tea lifestyle of Anthea Organics. We invite you to treat every cup of tea as a unique moment of pure pleasure.