Anthea Organics Organic Energy Blend Plastic Free Tea Bags


Increase your energy level naturally with the Organic Energy Blend. Start your day with a wonderful mixture of rose petals, Greek mountain tea, sage, mint and rosemary.
The tonic effect of mint, blends harmoniously with the stimulating properties in body and mind offered by the Greek mountain tea and rosemary.
The rose petals close this delicious combination in the best way, complementing it with their characteristic aroma.
Enjoy your favourite Organic Detox Blend in 100% biodegradable, plastic free pyramid tea bags. The inner packaging is made of Nature-flex, a home compostable material.

Weight (g): 10 gr.
No of Pieces: 10

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ANTHEA is one of the adjectives that was used to describe the ancient Goddess Hera. It derives from the word flower, which is the most beautiful, the most impressive and the most fragrant part of the plant. Our endless quest for high quality products from all over Greece, the meticulous selection of the producers we work with, the training and the know-how, but mainly the desire and the passion to create something truly remarkable, led Anthea Organics to its present position, with a strong presence in Greece but also in foreign markets. Welcome to the herbal tea lifestyle of Anthea Organics. We invite you to treat every cup of tea as a unique moment of pure pleasure.