Anthea Organics Organic Detox Blend Loose Leaf Tea


An award-winning tea, full of aromas and fine herbs. The soft taste fills your mouth, offering a sensation of coolness that is perfectly complemented by the sweetness of the carob and the bright citrus notes from lemon verbena.
The inspiration for the creation of Detox Blend came from the influences of life’s daily rhythms on our body but also from the need for natural detoxification. It is considered the ideal choice for improving metabolism with the natural power offered by the combination of lemon verbena, sage, carob and lemon balm.
The unique fragrances of citrus, create the perfect flavour that excites the senses, while providing energy and wellness. It has strong diuretic action, relieves from digestive disorders and creates a wonderful sense of stimulation in the body, giving the necessary energy to cope with the intense conditions of everyday life.
The organic infusion ‘’Detox blend’’ has been awarded with 3 stars (the highest distinction), in Great Taste Awards 2019 in London.
From 12,772 entries worldwide, only 208 products managed to get 3 stars in the competition, an honour that place Detox Blend among the elite of fine foods.

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ANTHEA is one of the adjectives that was used to describe the ancient Goddess Hera. It derives from the word flower, which is the most beautiful, the most impressive and the most fragrant part of the plant. Our endless quest for high quality products from all over Greece, the meticulous selection of the producers we work with, the training and the know-how, but mainly the desire and the passion to create something truly remarkable, led Anthea Organics to its present position, with a strong presence in Greece but also in foreign markets. Welcome to the herbal tea lifestyle of Anthea Organics. We invite you to treat every cup of tea as a unique moment of pure pleasure.