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Akalo Vitamin D3 Immune Health Patches


These D3 patches provide continuous, slow-release delivery of vitamin D3 to your body - lasting up to 10x longer than pills can. D3 is important for a healthy immune system, sleep quality, mood regulation, and bone + heart health. Give yours a boost. Wear before bed, drinking or flying and leave on up to 24 hours.


Consult a doctor if pregnant or nursing. See below for more information!


The human body naturally makes vitamin D in response to exposure to natural sunlight. For many reasons1 you may not get enough natural sunlight, and as a result run low on vitamin D. People who live in sunny climates often spend their days inside or regularly wear sun lotion when outside which can prevent the body from activating vitamin D creation. People who live in northern latitudes or areas that don't receive much sunlight in the winter months often experience “winter blues”. At the extreme, “winter blues” are referred to as Seasonal Affectative Disorder (S.A.D.) in the medical community, and research2 suggests vitamin D deficiency plays a role. There are many studies that show the importance of vitamin D and its role in the human body. Vitamin D is linked to bone health3mood4immune health5cardiovascular health6 and a host of other benefits. The more research scientists perform, the more they uncover how far reaching its role is in a healthy lifestyle; there is broad agreement that vitamin D has a positive effect on the human body. Eating foods such as fatty fish, cheese and eggs can help you to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D when natural sunlight isn’t enough. But if you’re looking for a new approach or your doctor has said that you could benefit from a vitamin D supplement, the AKALO D3 patch brings a new innovative solution to address this everyday problem.

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About Akalo

Did you know that only around five percent of vitamins end up in your blood when you take them orally? Most of these valuable vitamins are destroyed by your stomach’s acid. That’s why we and AKALO are betting on vitamin-patches: Vitamins are absorbed by the skin directly and, thus, are able to provide your body with what it needs! Especially in winter, your body lacks sunshine and, therefore, needs to catch up on vitamin D.