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Akalo Vitamin B1 Hangover Patches


These B1 patches provide continuous, slow-release delivery of vitamin B1 to your body - delivering up to 10x longer than pills can. Vitamin B1 is a key ingredient in the efficient processing of carbohydrates and alcohol. Wear before drinking or flying and leave on for 24 hours.

Made from 100% organic vitamin B1 (thiamine) and pharmaceutical-grade materials in an FDA-inspected facility in the USA.

Consult a doctor if pregnant or nursing. See below for more information!

How do you help a Hangover? You prevent it from happening in the first place. AKALO B1 patches contain Thiamine, also known as Vitamin B1. The B1 in our patches is an essential component in the metabolization of carbohydrates. As soon as alcohol enters your body, it’s treated as a carbohydrate. To effectively process it, your body requires B1. In scientific terms, B1 is an important cofactor enzyme in the production of glutathione which is critical to the neutralization of toxins that come from breaking down alcohol. Given the body’s sensitive stores of B1 and glutathione (meaning quickly used up after a few drinks), and how integral they are in the disposal of the toxins that can cause the symptoms associated with day after drinking, we must constantly replenish our body with these nutrients. Ongoing replenishment of B1 helps us process each subsequent drink.

Consult a doctor if pregnant or nursing. Place on a clean, dry and hair-free part of your body. Just remember to put it on as soon as you board a plane, and always BEFORE consumption of alcohol…and leave it on while you sleep. Your inner hip (along the beltline), upper arm, and inner forearm are all good locations. Even the top of the foot will work, if you're wearing a sock to keep your patch safe. In case of extended wear in the water, we recommend applying a new patch after completely drying. Each patch should maintain effectiveness for 24 hours.

Our revolutionary patches deliver nutrients directly to your body by avoiding the digestive tract. The stomach is a very hostile environment for fragile oral supplements. Much of the vitamin content you ingest in pill form either never makes it to where it needs to go or your body takes what it needs in that moment and flushes out the rest within just a few hours. With patches, you give your body the opportunity to take what it needs over the course of 24 hours without the gastric complication and without the spike in your bloodstream. Go with a patch. Slow and steady wins the race.

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About Akalo

Did you know that only around five percent of vitamins end up in your blood when you take them orally? Most of these valuable vitamins are destroyed by your stomach’s acid. That’s why we and AKALO are betting on vitamin-patches: Vitamins are absorbed by the skin directly and, thus, are able to provide your body with what it needs! Especially in winter, your body lacks sunshine and, therefore, needs to catch up on vitamin D. The nutrient is in charge of a healthy immune system and is known to be able to fight depression. If you’re not able to get enough sunshine or eat your eggs and cheeses, you might want to patch up. While vitamin D helps to regulate your mood, it also strengthens your bones. With the AKALO Vitamin D patches, you can kick the flu and your winter blues in the butt with an extra strong pair of feet. Another real saviour is the AKALO hangover or jetlag patch. Is it really hard for you to get up after a night out with friends and some overpriced big-city drinks? Except for 2020, you are an alltime traveler and can’t ever enjoy your first nights across the globe? In either case, the AKALO B1 patches might help. Your body needs some good old B1 to keep the enzymes going which process alcohol. By patching up before you start drinking, the patch will keep the vitamins coming and your body will be able to prevent you from having a hangover – even when drinking tequila. This innovation is coming straight from New York City, the city that used to never sleep until 2020 hit. With the amazing nightlife, events and cool restaurants around, it was hard for the Akalo founders to say no to the occasional night-cap. But since they had to be productive in the morning to earn their breakfast-bacon matching their Bloody Marys, they had to get creative. By tapping into the world of topical vitamin delivery, they slowly but steady became a brand – offering its amazing products first to friends and family and now for us.