About Artknit Studios

There are many ways to consume more responsibly, and one of them is to invest in selected and seasonless pieces that will overcome time rather than in a lot of low-quality fast fashion pieces that are made to last for only one trend, one collection and one year. Artknit Studios is the perfect brand to start your new sustainable wardrobe with. Why? The answer is multilayered:

First and foremost, Artknit Studios creates beautiful high-quality pieces that are not bound to trends. The knitted styles of the Italian brand are elegant and timeless and, thus, were ‘en vogue’ for the last decades and will be for the ones to come. With their neutral colour palette consisting of beige, white, black, brown, grey and dark blue hues, the Artknit Studio pieces are guaranteed to become your everyday favourites. Since the brand only sources the finest materials like biodegradable merino wool, superior or upcycled cashmere, mulberry silk or organic cotton, their products are of special comfiness and softness. You will want to wear them all the time! The knits can be styled down for a casual workday with some jeans or dressed up for a fancy night out by putting on your favourite jewelry. They fit every style, occasion and age. Artknit Studios stands for high-quality clothing you will love to wear forever. But not only Artknit Studio’s design choices are sustainable, the fashion brand values ethical and environmental-friendly production with exceptional Italian manufacturers and their work with natural and upcycling materials. An all-Italian production in the wool-capital Biella, focuses on craftsmanship and favours fair wages, a thorough quality-control and reduced CO2 emissions. Additionally, the label follows a strict zero waste policy and bets on renewable, circular and plant-based materials. The brand gives transparent insights not only into their supply chain but also offers additional information on the exact manufacturers, their stories and connects them with the products they created.

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