Meet YUN Berlin

The story behind the brand

Thoughts Behind the Brand

"Buying glasses should be simple."

CJ and Jiyoon YUN, Founders of YUN Berlin

Sustainability Mission

Keeping honest and maintaining balance

YUN is a cutting-edge, Korean eyewear brand based in Berlin and Seoul, founded in 2015 by CJ and Jiyoon YUN, a 30 year veteran of the eyewear industry and former fashion designer respectively.

Whilst working in the lens industry in 2005, having developed digitally individualized & optimized high-quality lenses to the exact needs of the wearer, taking into consideration of frame properties and wearer's parameters, CJ realized a serious disconnect between his product and end consumers. Deciding that customers deserve a fair price for their glasses, CJ went about creating his own eyewear business concept, offering attractive, timeless frame design with the best quality lenses at affordable prices- without hidden charges. Through minimal design and cutting-edge technology, YUN brought the spirit of Seoul to Berlin. We believe wholly in keeping honest and maintaining our balance; between fashion and function, east and west, design and technology and artisanship and automation.

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