Meet Usisi

The story behind the brand

Thoughts Behind the Brand

"A brand about sisters."

Kathryn and Millie, Founder of Usisi

Sustainability Mission

Beautiful Fashion Design

London-based sisters Kathryn and Millie Allsopp have combined their shared experience in design and fashion-buying to create a modern, feminine brand that eschews trends and transcends seasons. USISI means ‘Sister’ [pronounced oo-see-see] in Xhosa, one of South Africa’s eleven official languages where the sister’s mother grew up.

USISI began with a simple guiding logic. Despite a decade separating Kathryn and Millie in age, each season the sisters found themselves buying the same pieces, only in different colours appealing to their different appearances. Why not, then, create a brand that offered the same classic - and ageless - tailoring they both reached for, but create every piece in two different colourways to acknowledge how no two shoppers look the same? USISI launched its debut collection online in June 2019, and has expanded its wholesale partnerships for 2020.

Product Spotlight: Eddie Bag

The Eddie bag is crafted in two tones of smooth veg tan leather. It has a structured shape and colour block design, featuring a detachable shoulder strap and circular cutout handle with a kiss lock closure.