Meet On-Vacation

The story behind the brand

Thoughts Behind the Brand

"We are bringing vacation vibes to your next holiday and your everyday life."

Uli Hasselmann, Founder of On-Vacation

Sustainability Mission

Feel Good Fashion

Are you in desperate need of a vacation or just this feel-good-vibe provided by some natural vitamin D? We are because Berlin winters are long, grey, and hard. To release some endorphins, instead of sun rays, waves, and beaches, we are betting on t-shirts, jumpers, and caps reminding us of summer. On Vacation is the brand bringing holiday-feelings to your wintery city-life. The streetwear label located in German’s capital, creates minimal black and white shirts, hoodies, and everyday essentials with small, artful, and colourful details.

We can find Greek fruit baskets, little palms, and buzzwords like “adios” and “paradiso” stitched on the collection. Big claims like “On Vacation”, “International Slow Life” or “Dolce Vita” even turn the most basic cut into a signature piece. The cool retro-looks are perfect for spending a day in the sun on your balcony, to have a swim in the sea, or get cozy on your coach – whether it is summer or winter, On Vacation, will provide that extra portion of good-life feeling, so you can be “Always on Vacation”. Join us in our “Do Nothing Club” by slipping into the matching socks! The On Vacation collections are made to have a vintage-look so you can feel like Lady Di and Prince Charles on the tennis court. Designed by a team of Berlin club managers, the brand focuses on a responsible approach to fashion: The On Vacation items are mostly produced within small family-owned businesses within the EU. In compliance with the ILO convention, the production follows environmental and social standards. While the materials are Oeko-tex certified, they have also been produced without the use of harmful chemicals. On top, On Vacation is supporting environmental as well as sustainable social initiatives including beach clean-ups, coral reef rebuilds, education about up- and recycling as well as educational initiatives for women and girls in Brazil.

Product Spotlight: Paradiso Sweater

While we love a good shirt and a cool cap, our absolute On Vacation favourite is the Paradiso sweater in black with the colourful stitched slogan. The jersey can be worn by women and men alike and it is the perfect companion for every circumstance – whether you feel like binge-watching your newest Netflix addiction in your bed, whether you need some comfortable and warm addition to your winter wardrobe or you are skating around the summery city at night.