Meet myfelt

The story behind the brand

Thoughts Behind the Brand

"From people for people. Since our founding in 2006, we at myfelt have had the goal of designing exceptional felt-ball carpets for exceptional people."

Aaron Freitag, Founder of myfelt

Sustainability Mission

Exceptional Rugs

myfelt has taken on the task of designing exceptional felt-ball rugs. The brand’s passion for the felt, quality and design is what motivates them to continue. At the same time they realize that the company is a social project to preserve this handicraft tradition that has existed for centuries. With a modern and sustainable production chain, myfelt wants to maintain fair wages and fair working conditions for their Nepalese colleagues at the factory.

As a part of the company philosophy, myfelt regularly inspects the production process for quality, social compatibility and the conviction for fair trade. Since 2014, myfelt has been working together with GoodWeave, one of the largest, worldwide fair trade associations for the carpet industry. They have committed to holding high standards and are obligated to allow GoodWeave inspectors entrance to the production facilities, at all times and unannounced.

Product Spotlight: Kerala

The Kerala model combines diversity and joy of color and gives rooms an exotic and lively touch. Cleverly combined with modern home accessories or monochrome elements, these carpets add color accents and visibly enhance any room concept.