The story behind the brand

Thoughts Behind the Brand

"Building on sustainability, circularity & uniqueness!"

Nadine Schratzberger, Founder of MONTREET

Sustainable Sportswear

MONTREET stands for sustainability, circularity & uniqueness! And this name is unique in any case, because it has accompanied the founder Nadine since her school days and was one of the reasons why she chose the fashion industry and specialized in sportswear.

MON for la montagne (French) & TREET for street (English) MONTREET builds bridges between sustainability and performance clothing and between nature and the city. The goal of this dynamic brand is to produce environmentally friendly, recyclable/recycled and functional sportswear that can be worn all year round in the city or outdoors. A contribution to the recycling economy and the sustainable use of clothing.

Product Spotlight: THE CLIMBER* Jacket

No wall is too steep for you, no mountain too high? Preferably everything together and upside down! WE have your new sustainable sport jacket for climbing. Welcome to the world of MONTREET!