Meet L-Complex

The story behind the brand

Thoughts Behind the Brand

"Love for life & well-being in the purest way."

Laura Flemming, Founder of L-Complex

Sustainability Mission

Sustainable Nutrition

L-COMPLEX stands for long-term health through the right combination of nutritional supplements to suit your lifestyle. Founder Laura was born in Hamburg and came up with the idea for L-COMPLEX after a health odyssey in the summer of 2018. The young company knows of the increased stress levels today and the difficulty of eating perfectly, moving sufficiently and resting sufficiently. The consequence is that our body gets out of balance and struggles with various complaints that can threaten our health sustainably.

Together with a team of experts consisting of pharmacists, alternative practitioners and biochemists, they have developed own formulations by relying on exclusively used ingredients that are needed by the body. L-COMPLEX gives you control over your well-being and the possibility to optimize your health every day according to your lifestyle. The team produces with Higher-Level IFS certification.