Meet Kyro

The story behind the brand

Thoughts Behind the Brand

"You never know what the reaction will be when you do things differently."

Kalle Valkonen, Founder of Kyrö

Making Rye Whisky

A group of friends were having a sauna and drinking rye whisky, when they began to ponder why nobody was making rye whisky in Finland. Surprisingly, the idea of starting their own distillery still seemed like a good one the following morning and from there, the journey of Kyrö began. In search for a home for the distillery, the founders first visited a family farm in Isokyrö, but although charming, it didn’t quite live up to their ambitious plans.

Then on their way to a planning session (read: dinner and drinks), they noticed an old dairy that happened to be empty—or actually it was filled with cars as the old dairy workers had leased it as a garage to maintain the building. It was time to do the first distillation: head distiller Kalle’s parents went for a vacation and part of their house was swiftly turned into a fermentation hall. In a week there was mushy distillers beer and a smell that would later become very familiar to all. The closest proper pot still was hundreds of kilometres away in Finland’s first craft whisky distillery in Beerhunters, Pori. They were kind enough to let us use their still for our first batch, provided that we transport it there ourselves. The end result was a clear liquid that smelled and tasted like moonshine. It was impossible to say whether it would make good rye whisky. To get feedback, Miika decided to smuggle a sample to The Whisky Show in London. He poured drams in the gents toilet for tasting and went from stand to stand. The new make gained praise. It was time to make things happen.