Meet Flabelus

The story behind the brand

Thoughts Behind the Brand

"Our shoes combine the best of two worlds: the impeccable design of the timeless Italian furlane and the strength and quality of Spanish shoewear."

Beatriz De los Mozos, Founder of Flabelus

Sustainability Mission

Trendy Slippers

Besides loungewear and sweatpants, the fashion piece of 2020 was our comfy house shoes. We do not know about you, but within the last year, we gave each piece a little upgrade to look representable for countless Zoom calls, even when working from the comfort of our couches. So no wonder, also our house shoe game leveled up. We took the beautiful Flabelus slippers and turned them into the perfect match to our home office look.What is a trendy summer shoe, is the perfect addition to our quarantine style. The slipper is based on timeless furlane or friulane shoes. Venetian gondoliers started wearing this shoe in the 14th century and are still wearing it now. It now is a fashion piece that is worn worldwide and is known for its elegant, classic but relaxed look. The shoe is a real allrounder – it can be worn by any gender, to any occasion, and is super comfortable. It comes in varying materials and colours which makes the friulane so fun to style! Whether you will choose the traditional velvet friulane in red and green, the tartan one that reminds us of winters spent in the English countryside, or the cute herringbone model, you will look effortlessly chic. On top, Flabelus shoes are produced ethically. The shoes are sustainably and transparently made in Spain and feature soles from recycled tires. With their Spain-based production, Flabelus wants to support local artisanal communities by taking care of fair working conditions and payment. This will guarantee the survival of traditional craftsmanship in Spain.

Product Spotlight: Juana

While all the Flabelus shoes feature the same cut, they come in a huge selection of colours. We love the classic velvet style and all its hues. The Juana model and its happy mustard yellow, however, brighten our lives in winter at home and on summer vacations likewise.

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