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Thoughts Behind the Brand

"ÉLY’s Cocktails, the brainchild of a passionate mixologist and a seasoned entrepreneur."

Guillaume Sudre, Founder of Ély's Cocktails

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Before 2020, who could have guessed that we would need to enjoy our favourite cocktail from the hygienic safety of our own home? Ély’s Cocktails has always been a great idea for those nights in which we did not want to take on a ride through half of the city, those evenings when we felt like enjoying a drink but not company, and those afternoons spoiling our best friends with fancy cocktails.

However, 2020 turned the Paris-based company into a must-have for everyone who loves a good drink but does not want to mix it themselves or simply is not able to get the job as perfectly done as their favourite mixologist. Ély’s Cocktails offers ready-to-drink cocktails that can keep up with the ones in priced bars and their quality might even be better. The alcohol used is top-notch and all of the additional ingredients are super fresh – no sugar or artificial preservatives added. The countless cooporations with prestigious restaurants like Le Perruche in Paris, hotels like Loulou Plage in Pampelonne or art fairs like FIAC speak for themselves. Ély’s Cocktails creates tastes and recipes for great institutions and, thus, are able to manifest experiences around the brand’s image. Whatever drink you are into, Ély’s Cocktails has you covered: You love the spicyness of tequila? Try ‘La Marga’ with fresh yuzu liqueur, ginger- and honey cordial as well as cointreau and lemon. You rather like it flowery? Why not taste the ‘Ruby’ cocktail: Amongst vodka it features elderflower syrup and cordial, as well as a homemade mix or berries and lemon. You love a best-seller with a twist? Try the ‘Ginger cosmo’ with vodka, cranberry juice, ginger cordial, lemon juice and cointreau. But Ély’s Cocktails also has the classics in store for you – whether it is a greatly mixed moscow mule, a dry negroni, an old fashioned with bourbon whiskey or an espresso martini with everyone’s favourite noisette liqueur Frangelico.

Product Spotlight: GUAPA

While it is very hard to decide on which drink to favourize, we found the ‘Guapa’ surprisingly refreshing. Its base, the Mexican mezcal, is mixed with yellow chartreuse, lime cordial, melon liqueur, bitter piment and lemon juice. A fresh but dry drink experience tailored to a perfect afternoon spent with friends on a rooftop terrace!