Meet Boteanicals

The story behind the brand

Thoughts Behind the Brand

"I wanted to create a luxury tea experience that merges taste, design and sustainability."

Florian Wagner, Founder of Boteanicals

Sustainability Mission

Premium teas

The world is parted in coffee- and tea-drinkers, whereas we are pretty sure that the former ones are only playing for the bean-team because they have not discovered Boteanicals, yet. The German tea brand is based on the idea to create extraordinary taste adventures by only using three selected ingredients of the highest quality within each creation.

The premium teas each feature one base-, heart- and headnote. The basenote always consists of one tea and one herb, whereas the heartnote is composed of a flower or a spice and the headnote gets its essence from a fruit, a nut or from vanilla. As the name suggests, the brand brings together botanic knowledge with the art and study of tea. Boteanicals does not only create teas from the finest ingredients but also enlightens its consumers about the ingredients’ special histories, characteristics and origins. Did you know that the pineapple was as valuable as a whole carriage in the 18th century? Did you know that basil was found in the royal chamber tombs of the pyramids? Did you know that the curry-mix we know from the Indian-British cuisine gets its colour from turmeric? This and more trivia you can find out when drinking your Boteanical tea. But this is not everything, Boteanicals is also highly sustainable. It does not only make our bodies but our conscience feel good when enjoying our favourite winter drink. Every tea is hand-made in Germany and consists of all-natural ingredients with a biological quality without having been modified. The cultivation of the tea’s ingredients is done in a fair, sustainable and social way. The supply chain is completely transparent, so you always know what you are drinking and where it comes from. And finally, the beautifully designed tea cans can be recycled and are completely plastic-free – even the shipping is climate-neutral.

Product Spotlight: No.73

Our favourite is the No. 73 even though it is especially hard for us to choose only one of the incredible 19 creations. But the No. 73 convinced us with the basenote of white “Pai Mu Tan” tea which is a gentle but effective awakener in the morning, with its cornflower bodynote and the heartnote bergamot. The latter ones give the tea its extraordinary taste and scent. The white tea is one of the more valuable and exquisite ones within the world of tea, because only the most tender and the youngest leaves are harvested for it. The cornflower on the other hand comes from Chile and oftentimes is used within the haute-cuisine because of its beautiful blue colour. The last ingredient, the bergamot, is also called “green gold” and comes from Italy. It has a very fresh taste and scent which is why it is used in perfumes but also within starred kitchens all over the world. Boteanical’s No. 73 is an extraordinary adventure for your taste buds, it keeps you warm throughout winter, as well as awake and balanced in the summer months.