"You create the product, we create the experience."

- Emanuel Elverfeldt, Co-Founder Freiraum

what we offer

The best of two worlds.

We pair convenience with innovation, allowing you to launch your offline store right from the palm of your hands, whilst simultaneously selling on the Freiraum online marketplace. Within Freiraum’s full-service ommnichannel retail platform your brand takes shape according to your vision and aesthetics – without creative restrictions. We’ll provide the customizable, physical space, a new customer-base and a commitment-free pricing structure while you’ll have all the leeway in the world, to do what you do best: create!

From online to offline

Freiraum, the storyteller.

Freiraum does not only function as a mediator between your brand and the consumer, on- and offline as well as real life and social media, it also uses every moment of your customer journey to highlight your brand’s story, philosophy and values – from Instagram, over the product presentation to your tailor-made event.

Full-suite flexible retail

Physical retail: the key to success.

In our full-suite stores, we let you take advantage of the benefits of physical retail at zero risk.

Did you know 67% of global ecommerce firms that received sufficient funding opened a physical store in the 36 months pre-COVID. Mood Media, 2019

The Benefits

Take your brand to the next level.

Reach smart, new customers
Elevate your brand
Gain real customer insights
D2C sales
Point of experience
the services

Best-in-class Services included.

In addition to flexible lease terms, our service will make the connection between online and offline sales seamless for you.


Whatever furniture you need, we have it. We provide bespoke, modular furniture packages. Whether you have hanging, folded or flat surface products - we've got you covered.


We offer to staff your space with experienced, full-time sales personnel. You can train them as your new brand experts before launch.

Setup & Takedown

You provide the vision and we'll make it happen. We'll even take care of your brand signage and can handle the merchandising!

Payment & Check out

Delight your customers with quick and frictionless transactions and seamless checkout processes.


Our marketing team will increase your brand awareness through editorial content on Freiraum's digital channels.

Data Analytics

Optimize your business in real time. Get data analytics with our in-store technology. You'll have access to all crucial data on sales, footfall, customer engagement and more.

prime shopping destination with high media reach

#1 Friedrichstraße, Berlin

More stores coming soon!

Online Marketplace application

Please follow the link below to apply to sell on our Freiraum online marketplace.



Please follow the link below to apply to sell on our Freiraum online & offline marketplaces.