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mybacs® Dailybacs Starterkit for Women

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Product Features:
- 30 capsules, every 30 days
- Can be terminated any time
- 11 bacterial strains
- Highly dosed with 60 billion CFUs

Do something for your well-being every day! Our Dailybacs starter kits for women are enriched with exactly the probiotic bacteria strains that the female body needs. In addition, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals (e.g. iron) support normal immune system function.

Product Details:
- Tested by scientific studies
- Vegan friendly, gluten and lactose free

How will I benefit?
Every body is different and reacts with different improvements. Many of them you may not even notice. As long as you continue with your daily intake, the beneficial bacteria inside you will actively work to maintain and improve your well-being.

24-48 Hours 
Digestion: A change in digestion is probably the quickest noticeable effect.

1-2 Months
Energy & Mood: When the intestine is in balance, it sends positive signals to the brain. Happy gut, happy you!

2-3 Months
Immune System & Skin: 80% of the immune defence takes place in the intestine, with the microbiome playing an essential role. Inner strength and vitality enable the enhancement of outer beauty.

4-5 Months
Body systems: New studies show that microbial diversity has a major impact on almost all body mechanisms, including the cardiovascular system and metabolism.

Balance your microbiome: If your gut is in balance, so is everything else!

Why a subscription?
The different strains of bacteria in probiotics are either resident or transient microbes. Resident bacteria settle on your intestinal wall and "live" there. Transient strains of bacteria migrate through your colon (where the majority of your microbiome is located) and are excreted. Scientists have found that probiotics mostly function as transient bacteria. Because they are excreted however, it is important to take them continuously. Dailybacs also contain resident and transient strains of bacteria. This is why they are designed to be taken regularly and long-term, which is the only way they can have their best effect on your health!

NRV (Nutrient Reference Value): A balanced microbiome is one of the keys to daily well-being. Our Synbiotic Formula consists of the high quality German sourced ingredients. The probiotic bacterial strains used in Dailybacs are examined in the most studies and show the best efficacy. In the selection of our probiotics, we use the clinical studies dose which is proven to bring the desired health benefits.

Ingredients - Dailybacs Women
30 capsules à 0,5g Content: ℮ 15g

Ingredient Amount per capsule %NRV
11 bacterial strains 60 billion CFUs - —
D-Biotin 7.5 µg 15%
Folate 30 µg 15%
Vitamin C 12 mg 15%
Vitamin D 0.75 µg 15%
Zinc 1.5 mg 15%
Iron 2.1 mg 15%
 *NRV=Nutrient Reference Value according to LMIV/CH: LIV

Probiotics: Dailybacs contain specifically selected bacterial cultures. Only those probiotic bacterial strains that have been most extensively researched and have demonstrated the best efficacy in studies, have been included in the formula. Dailybacs for women is a unique formulation that has been specifically adapted to the microbiome and the entire female body.

These Bacterial Strains Are Included:
- Bifidobacterium breve BR03
- Lactobacillus plantarum LP01
- Bifidobacterium longum BL03
- Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BS01
- Lactobacillus rhamnosus LR06
- Bifidobacterium infantis BI02
- Lactobacillus crispatus LCR01
- Lactobacillus salivarius subsp. salivarius CRL 1328
- Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG
- Bifidobacterium longum BB536
- Bifidobacterium breve M-16V
60 billion colony-forming units (CFUs)

Prebiotics and plant extracts: The combination of prebiotics and probiotics. Independent, controlled studies have shown that the targeted colonisation of the intestine is more efficient by combining probiotics with certain biomolecules, which, among other things, serve as a food source for useful bacterial cultures. This symbiosis enables the cultures to successfully integrate into the microbiome. These biomolecules are called prebiotics and the combination of prebiotics and probiotics are called synbiotics.
Dailybacs for women contain extracts of chicory root (Cichorium intybus) and pomegranate (Punica granatum) as a natural source of prebiotics.

This symbiosis allows the bacterial cultures to successfully integrate into the microbiome. 
The group of prebiotics includes various substances, of which inulin is one of the best known and best researched prebiotics. The root of the chicory is an excellent source of inulin. Prebiotics such as inulin have been shown in independent controlled studies to stimulate the presence of bifidobacteria in the gut (Kleessen et. al 2007, Gibson et al. 1995). Furthermore, chicory root is rich in polyphenols, a group of compounds known for their antioxidative properties.

Pomegranate (Punica granatum): The pomegranate (Punica granatum) is one of the most famous representatives of what we call "superfoods". Its popularity dates back to ancient India, where the fruit was utilized to treat diarrhoea, parasites and many other diseases. It is also rich in polyphenols, which interact with the bacteria of our microbiome.

Minerals and vitamins: The unique formulation of Dailybacs is rounded off by valuable minerals and vitamins. In addition to specifically selected live bacterial strains, prebiotics and plant extracts, we have identified the minerals and vitamins that best meet the different needs of women and men.

Vitamins are essential for life. Many diseases can be caused by a vitamin deficiency. A healthy vitamin balance is important for the maintenance of physical and mental health.

Vitamin D is synthesised by the body itself through the absorption sun rays. In most cases however, the sun's rays in the months October through March are not sufficient to saturate the entire vitamin D requirement.

Vitamin C is a vital vitamin, also known as ascorbic acid. Only humans, as well as some monkeys and guinea pigs, cannot autonomously produce vitamin C, so it must be ingested through food.

Biotin or vitamin B7, is a cofactor for a various enzymes of the body. It contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

Iron is a vital mineral and falls under the category of trace elements. This means that it only occurs in small quantities in the body. Iron contributes to a normal oxygen transport in the body system.

Zinc is a vital trace element. It contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. It also contributes to normal fertility and normal reproduction.

Folate has its function in cell division, where a deficiency can lead to anaemia.

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