MONACO DUCKS Sneaker MOD.2 Wool - Grey


Can grey also be really green? Sure, because with the wool from ancient, endangered sheep breeds, we are once again proving our design without compromise.

Our new MOD.2 - even more sustainable and a little more comfortable. The loden made of stone-gray northern wool comes from endangered country sheep breeds from Rügen and is simply irresistibly good-looking. Like the clean design that ensures the relaxed style. Handmade in Italy for the best quality, for sustainability, for you.

- Upper material: 100% loden from north wool from Rügen
- Loden: breathable, sustainable & water-repellent
- Color accents made from Virdis® (Öko-Text-100) with an organic / PU mixture based on corn
- Inner lining made of newly developed 100% breathable microfibre (based on corn), which can absorb a lot of moisture - heat-regulating and maximally comfortable + 100% recyclable
- Environmentally friendly and degradable Go! Zero rubber sole
- 100% handmade in Italy

Material: Together with experts, we started ReWoolution: the classic loden fabric has been further developed into our DUCKS loden. In contrast to conventional merino wool, our DUCKS Wool in gray is a new sheep's wool from ancient rural sheep breeds from Rügen, which is processed in a very elaborate manner and then made weatherproof in a special process. 100% natural.

Loden is a particularly light fabric that is comfortable to wear on the skin and gives our shoes an optimal fit. Wool allows the feet to breathe particularly well. Our shoes are breathable, regulate the temperature and prevent unnecessary sweating. Due to the elaborate processing of the new wool, the fulling, the loden is not only more resistant and warming, but also water-repellent and even dirt-resistant.

Shoe Care: Loden is naturally protected by lanolin and is therefore extremely easy to care for. Lanolin protects the wool fiber from rain, dirt and odors. However, additional impregnation does not do any harm! Regular airing and brushing with a natural hair brush preserves the quality of the fabric very well.

For additional cleaning, you can moisten the material with light vinegar water and then brush it out with a clothes or shoe brush. Edges and stains can be removed with a damp cloth and a little curd soap.

Breathable: Thanks to the unique fiber structure of DUCKS Wool, we are able to integrate millions of small air chambers into the fabric. This allows the feet to breathe particularly well.

Water Repellent: Due to the complex processing and the natural fat content of the wool, the loden is not only more resistant and warming, but also water-repellent.

Temperature Equalizing: Loden cools in summer and warms in winter. Loden is a particularly light fabric that is comfortable to wear on the skin. Loden flatters himself from the first minute.

100% Climate Neutral: With us, not only are our products 100% climate neutral, but also our entire company. Fashion and design are our passion and we enjoy it - it should also be for everyone involved.

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We are the world's most sustainable sneakers brand. We are thriving to become truly climate positive and have a positive impact on the environment by each shoe sold. Still, lifestyle, design and comfort are our core values.