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Marie Janine Black Tea with C*B*D


Orange peel and cinnamon sticks give a spicy and comforting taste to this black tea that makes you want to curl up on the couch. CBD and black tea are powerful anti-oxidants and are therefore your best ally against the prevention of cardiovascular or inflammatory diseases.

Product Features:
- 100gr of tea size: 10x12cm
- List of ingredients: Black tea Assam*, South India*, cinnamon sticks*, hemp*, ginger*, apple*, orange peel*, natural orange flavor, cardamom*, rose petals*, ground cardamom*, ground ginger*, ground coriander*.

*From organic farming

Care Instructions: Let infuse 5min at 85°. For a better absorption of the effects of the CBD molecule, add a fatty substance in your cup (oil, animal or vegetable milk).

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About Marie Janine

Marie Janine is the desire to deconstruct the prejudices around the cannabis plant by a range of products accessible to all. Cannabis is not only THC, it is a wonderful ecological and well being plant