Sold By: Laori

Laori Wacholder Nr. 1


Laori Drinks ist die erste alkoholfreie Alternative zu Gin, die wie Gin schmeckt. Laori Juniper No 1 kombiniert den intensiven Wacholdergeschmack mit Genuss ohne Alkohol. Wir eröffnen eine neue Welt voller köstlicher Drinks und unglaublichem Geschmack ohne Alkohol. Weniger süß. Ohne Kater. Ohne Kompromisse beim Geschmack.

About Laori

The founder of Laori was sitting in a Berlin bar with friends one evening and didn't want to drink alcohol. The alternatives were too sweet and boring. Soda, non-alcoholic juice cocktails and water. "I just want a gin & tonic without alcohol" she exclaimed, but there was no such thing. The idea stuck with her and she started distilling in her kitchen in 2018. Later, she was joined by Christian, who took product development to a new level. Together they realized their vision of Laori.