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Knister Grill Bike Mount Grill


Crackle Bike Mount.

Product Details:
- Perfect for trips into the countryside
- For easy transport of the grill by bike
- Fits 99% of all bicycle handlebars
- Suitable for all Knister models
- Leather protection protects bicycle handlebars from scratches

Looking for a unique way to BBQ while cycling? Then the crackling grill is just right for you! This innovative grill attaches to your bike so you can grill while you pedal. Whether you're grilling burgers for a picnic or hot dogs for a cookout, the Bike Mount Grill is the perfect solution for enjoying a delicious meal on the go.

The Crackle Grill is easy to use and set up, so you can start grilling in no time. And because it runs on charcoal or gas, you get that delicious grilled flavor everyone loves. So ditch the portable grill and get pedaling with the crackling grill!

Scope of Delivery
- 1x metal bracket
- 1x cap nut
- 1x metal rod
- 3x padded pads made of recycled leather and natural rubber for the handlebars

Technical Specifications:

 Size 13x13x10 cm (LWH)
Suitable for All Knister Grills (with slots)
Material Black painted steel,

Silver metal rod made of stainless steel,

Handlebar pads made from recycled leather


How is the bracket attached?
The bike mount is threaded into the handlebars from below, then the grill can be hung up immediately.

How do i adjust the bracket?
The setting is made once and without tools . The adjustable spacer (stainless steel pin) must go into the correct one of the four holes in the bike mount.
The bike mount fits a wide variety of handlebar types, such as Dutch bikes or racing bikes.

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