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Knister Grill Adapter Gas Hose


Crackle Adapter Gas Hose.

Product Details:
- Adapter for German 5 - 11 liter gas bottles
- Fits all Knister Gas Grills
- Perfect for long camping trips or long-term balcony grills

Scope of Delivery:
- 2x grill sword

Technical Specifications:

With integrated pressure regulator for connecting a screw-in cartridge device with EN417 thread to a German gas bottle. Operation at 50 mbar.

Medium-pressure regulator type M50-F/SBS, 2.0 bar, 2 kg/h with 35° outlet and  integrated hose rupture protection EFV (SBS) with manual opening,  shuts off the gas supply if the hose is damaged.  Medium-pressure hose (rubber with textile lining; cold-resistant down to -30 °C;  hose dimensions 6.3 x 3.5 mm) G 3/8 LH-ÜM x plug-in coupling SKU.

Transition piece with plug-in nipple STN on the one hand for easy disconnection  of the hose line, on the other hand AG 7/16-28 UNEF or AG 1-20 UNEF  for connection to the gas appliance.

Thanks to a special device, the SKU plug-in coupling is tamper-proof. Unlocking is only possible with a plug-in nipple STN

Conformity: Individual fittings DIN-DVGW or DVGW-tested or EC type-examination

A Notice: 
- A low-pressure regulator for gas cartridges with connection thread IG 7/16-28 UNEF according to EN 417 or IG 1-20 UNEF is required on the gas appliance.
- The adapter does not fit Swiss 5 - 11 liter gas cylinders

Type gas regulator, gas hoses
Diameter 3/8"
Nominal Flow 2kg/hr
Weight 0.7kg
Length 120 cm
Gas Pressure 50 mbar

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