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antonia erre The Saffo T-Shirt - Black


The Sappho shirt, named after the famous Greek poetess from Lesbos, is an ode to women. In fact, this sweater, with a V-neck and diagonal side slit, enhances the waistline by creating a geometric effect that makes the difference.

Product Details:
- Materials: 64% Lyocell - 36% Polyamide
- Includes Sustainable Materials

Lyocell is a recently introduced type of ecological fabric that is produced from eucalyptus trees, of which wood pulp is used, and this is based on the assumption that the artificial cellulose fiber is more compatible from an environmental point of view. Comfortable and practical for its multiple uses, this fabric can be put in the washing machine without problems: the garments can be washed in a simple way and without contraindications, as if you were dealing with polyester cotton garments, and also the the drying phase does not require special attention: the only trick that is worth taking is to rinse the Lyocell with cold water and then let it dry at a fairly low temperature. Yet,

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