Meet LA Cold Press

The story behind the brand


“Our herbal tonics, health elixirs and superfood potions were inspired by a deep love and respect for medicinal heritage and created with naturopathic knowledge”

Nancy Bachmann, Co-Founder of LA Cold Press

Sustainability Mission

Bottled sunshine

On her way to Panama to harvest coffee, Cindy stopped in Los Angeles to visit her sister, Nancy. Cindy joined Nancy in her ritual of practicing daily yoga, drinking juice, and doing cleanses. For six months, Cindy and Nancy hopped from juice bar to juice bar, falling in love with the flavors of the very best juices. The sisters created Los Angeles Cold Press when they discovered that they couldn’t exist in Berlin without bringing the L.A. experience of ‘bottled sunshine’ and transformation with them.

Product Spotlight: The Muse

Focus and Create. A strong blend of adaptogenic herbs, medicinal mushrooms and ayurvedic herbs that work together to enhance cognitive functioning of the brain. 

The Muse calls on the spirit world of healing plants to support you against burnout and exhaustion. Benefits: increased energy, mood enhancer and mental clarity.