Meet Atypical

The story behind the brand

Thoughts behind the brand

"We hope that everybody enjoys the spirit of our brand, supporting its philosophy and appreciating the passion behind our job"

Alessandro Mitola, Co-Founder of Atypical

Sustainability Mission

Handmade Cruisers

Atypical is an independent brand created in 2012, specialized in quality handmade cruiser boards. The three guys Nicolò Formenti, Alessandro Mitola and Andrea Pinca founded the brand.

They create unique pieces inspired by the first boards of the Sixties and Seventies that are a direct bridge with the surfing reality of those years. The boards, with a highly recognizable design, are handmade in Italy using solid wood from the selection of the best ash trees. Away from mass production, Atypical goes back to the origins working with dedication and passion, managing in first person every phase of the production process. The brand combines craftsmanship and contemporary design, moving from wooden boards to fabrics.

Product Spotlight: Fallen Collection #1

This stylish cruiser is handcrafted with solid Ashwood. Its light blue color reminds us of the ocean and a fresh breeze on hot summer days. Inspired by the early boards of the Sixties and Seventies, this is the perfect cruiser to pretend to ride on the pier next to Venice Beach...