Town Tales: Berlin with MontOlympe

Slow mornings, next generation of artists & a green oasis right in the heart of Berlin

Natural cosmetics brand MontOlympe delivers highly effective care with a good conscience for both your body and the environment. Their vegan, sustainable and 100% certified natural cosmetics are made and harvested at the foot of the Olympic mountain. We were happy to discover a fellow Berliner amongst MontOlympe´s team. Join us for a day in Berlin with MontOlympe´s Alexis Serasidis, and who knows, you might just discover your new favourite coffee shop!


Distrikt Coffee

A good breakfast defines the day


Distrikt speciality coffee shop is located on a quiet street in Berlin Mitte, between Nordbahnhof and Rosenthaler Platz train stations. The trendy interior is buzzing with good energy and the smell of freshly brewed coffee welcomes you as soon as you enter. It’s so nice seeing cafés and restaurants being busy again. Kick back, linger and enjoy those slow mornings.

Craving for some sweet treats for breakfast? Distrikt Coffee prepares their beautifully presented selection of tasty cakes in house, whilst also stocking their pastries from Kreuzberg´s Albatross Bakery. If a sweet breakfast is not really your cup of tea, they also have an all-day breakfast and lunch menu featuring the best local produce, and the word on the street is that their eggs benedict is an absolute must!

All Images via Distrikt Coffee


König Gallery

Aesthetic inspiration


KÖNIG GALERIE is a contemporary art gallery founded in Berlin by Johann König. It represents 40 international established visual artists, and enables up and coming younger generations digital artists by offering them a global stage.

It's clear that Johann König has a good eye on how to present the artist’s work. The gallery is located within the Brutalist concrete St. Agnes church, which offers a perfect setting for their exhibitions and events by providing minimalistic surroundings to highlight the best features of the artwork.

Mark your calendars for: Machine Hallucinations, Refik Anadol´s second large scale exhibition in Germany. Designed specifically for König Galerie, the Machine Hallucinations presents dynamic pigments of nature titled NATURE DREAMS, four new series of data painting and WINDS OF BERLIN, a public art projection on the tower of St.Agnes, which will be created based on environmental real-time data collected from the city. The exhibition can be visited till the 17th of December. Keep an eye on all of their upcoming exhibitions and be prepared for some serious aesthetic inspiration to strike.

All Images via König Galerie

Britzer Garten Park

Your green oasis in the heart of berlin


Do you sometimes feel like you just need to escape the urban reality of life in Berlin? What better time to go for a walk in the Britzer garden park than when the trees have dressed themselves in beautiful autumn colours. Britzer Garten takes environmental topics seriously, and attracts its visitors with a large range of opportunities and activities to learn and deal with the natural environment of the park.

Alexis loves to go for long walks in-between the trees and the beautiful flora of the Britzer Garten. It's interesting to know that the park has a small part with medicinal herbs, some of which MontOlympe uses in their products.

All Images via Britzer Garten


Neni Berlin

Easy going atmosphere, openness and passion for food


It should come as no surprise that MontOlympe, deeply rooted in Greece, enjoys getting together with loved ones over a large dinner table while sharing delicious Mediterranean meals.

Neni Berlin is a rooftop restaurant located at the 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. Experiencing the dishes together as a family is everything that Neni stands for. They see family as an integral part of their life and in fact, NENI stands for the first letters of the first names of the family behind the concept - Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv & Ilan Molcho. The amazing views of the city & zoo are worth the visit alone and are sure to leave you with a lasting impression.

All Images via Neni Berlin