Greetings from Spain

Through this collection we´d like to introduce you to six outstanding Spanish brands. Clea Stuart´s beautifully made knitwear is produced in Spain, with the idea of returning to the national manufacturing, for a romantic theme. Café Leather´s products are made by traditional craftsmen in the small town of Ubrique in Spain, using the best raw materials available. PaolaQ jewellery collections are brought to life in their Barcelona atelier by the hands of expert artisans. Flabelus´s comfy house slippers are produced in Spain with the admirable of goal of producing the highest quality shoes while preserving Spanish resources for future generations. Lavani is headquartered in Valencia and each of their gorgeous jewellery pieces is designed and produced with dedication in Spain. Ses Talaioles is an Mallorcan vineyard crafting first-class cuvees using international grape varieties as well as Spanish Tempranillo and autochthonic grapes. We must admit that Spain never fails to impress!