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We work each day to create high-quality garments that last for years, while being committed to producing with a deep respect for workers, animal life and nature.

Sonia Mota, Founder of Francis Stories

  • Eco-friendly/Organic Eco-friendly/Organic
  • Fair Trade Fair Trade
  • Made in Europe Made in Europe
  • Animal-Friendly Animal-Friendly
  • Zero Waste Zero Waste
Francis Stories works each day to create garments that customers can wear for years, both by designing thoughtful and aesthetically impeccable pieces that do not lose relevance with the turn of a season, and by investing in the highest quality natural materials and most skilled workers to create garments that endure through time. Francis Stories creates woolen garments that stand out for their extremely soft and comfortable touch and for the elegant, clean design. They use only the finest all-natural fibres and the best craftsmanship, to create pieces that endure through out the cyclicity of the seasons. And while striving for high quality, they also commit to producing in an ethical and sustainable way, respecting and celebrating both Nature and the lives of those who contribute to each garment made. Francis Stories cares about sustainability and the environment. The garments do too.
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Francis Stories Emily Alpaca Blend Cardigan
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Francis Stories Theresa - Alpaca-Wool Top

Francis Stories


  • Rose
  • Grey
Francis Stories Crimson Cashmere Coat

Francis Stories


  • Navy
  • Camel
Francis Stories Francis Wheat Monogram Scarf
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Francis Stories Prim Long Cardigan

Francis Stories